Introducing: SANITIZR

Bring the Same Technology Used by Hospitals and the CDC into Your Home!

Keep Your Family Safe From Viruses

SANITIZR™ was developed in the USA to mimic the methods used in the healthcare industry. Specifically, SANITIZR™ uses a unique virus killing method that harnesses the power of ultraviolet (UV-C) light and Ozone.

Order now to guarantee you will have access to this groundbreaking device. We ship every day at 4pm EST.

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Real Reviews From Customers:

I bought 2 of these when they came back in stock. I got my order in a few days. This product works exactly as it says. I feel safer knowing I can sanitize things.

Gena D.

Purchased 03/24/2020

I'm a high risk person for covid-19. I needed to make sure my packages were sterile so I bought this. It's helped me to stop worrying and I feel safe again.

Betty F.

Purchased 04/12/2020

I'm very satisfied with my purchase. You can't put a price on health. I would recommend this product anyone who wants to stop worrying about unseen viruses.

Paul T.

Purchased 03/29/2020

My husband has very much considered to be at risk. I bought this so I could make sure everything that comes into our home was safe. 5 stars, would recommend.

Caroline G.

Purchased 04/22/2020

UV-C Light Kills 99.9% of Germs

SANITIZR uses UV-C light which is guaranteed to destroy viruses and other pathogens. UV-C light is the best type of ultraviolet light to sterilize surfaces according to the CDC. 

professional grade features

SANITIZR was built for use in industrial and healthcare applications. It’s made from ABS plastic that is impact-resistant. The light is extremely powerful and bright.

Easy to use on any surface

SANITIZR is extremely easy to operate. Just turn it on and wave it over the surface you want to sterilize. (please do not attempt to sterilize plants, animals, or other humans)

Approved for home use

Sanitizr is the only portable UV-C wand that is designed and ships from the USA.  We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Supplies are going fast so please order now if you want to be certain that you will get one.

Steven Reasman
Steven Reasman
Purchased 03/21/2020
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"I bought my UV wand to make sure I can protect my family from the virus. I love that it's designed in the USA and I received it in 3 days. I highly recommend this product"
Carrie-Ann Hurlach
Carrie-Ann Hurlach
Purchased 04/19/2020
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"I feel so much safer. I sanitize my kid's toys, mail, everything. This is a legitimate product and I'm glad I bought one. 5 stars!"
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