About Us

Helping Frontline & Healthcare Workers Is Our Mission

Our goal is to help protect frontline workers and healthcare workers. If you’re a frontline worker who needs some help, contact us

Our Story...

Sanitizr is based in the USA with facilities in Chattanooga, TN, Denver, CO, and Tulsa, OK.

We wanted to make products that help people. The current situation has allowed us to do just that.

We pooled our talents and resources to make a group of products that help people feel safer. We’re a group of engineers, product designers, and marketing gurus that came together to produce a simple yet effective solution for keeping surfaces clean.

We developed our products in the USA and we distribute them with help of a 3PL in Chattanooga, TN. 

Real Sanitizr Users

Selfie Challenge!

We asked some of our front line customers to take selfies on the job. Just a little something fun to break up the day!

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